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The Tacit mug has been designed with reference to Emma’s hand-thrown Everyday tableware range.  The dent and the angled handle offer a similar tactility whilst paying homage to the aesthetic and functional qualities of industrial porcelain. They are slip-cast by hand before being fired to an astounding 1400 degrees. This means that the glaze fuses perfectly with the clay body and an extremely durable and silky smooth finish is achieved.  

It’s super satifying running your fingers or thumb over the tactile dented form. We use ours every day! 


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Making the Tacit Mug

Developing an industrial version of the Everyday mug has been a personal ambition of Emma’s. The idea of using the design features apparent in her hand-thrown work, whilst making a more accessibly priced, ‘Everyday’ piece piece was appealing and challenging.

The brief was not to immitate the everyday mug but to nod to it’s form whilst designing specifically for factory production. It took a lot of time and research to find the right manufacturers and we were delighted to work closely with such experienced and knowledgeable people to get the piece just right.

When designing and modelling the shape, Emma has worked to combine technology with the hand, scanning elements of her thrown vessels and then modelling in CAD to develop a contemporary piece which celebrates the idiosyncrasies of ceramic materials and the handmade, as well as providing a sensual tactile experience when the object is used.

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