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Emma Lacey - About

Every object I create is driven by a love of subtle and sensual forms and a passion for design and making. I enjoy the tactility of clay both during the making process and after firing and am excited by the possibilities and restraints which clay offers.

My first degree was at The University of Brighton on the 3D Crafts course, specialising in ceramics and metalwork, so I have a breadth of experience in working with a range of different materials and a sensibility for design through making. At Brighton I loved exploring the limits of materials, learning what they would and wouldn’t do.

I went on to study for a Masters in Ceramics Design at Central Saint Martins, where my research took me to factories in Stoke-on-Trent and Germany.  It was during this time that the importance of  use became  very clear in my work and my interest in functional design and the detailing of industrial products had a huge impact on the way I approach my work now.
People are initially drawn in by the shape and colour of my pieces then continue to explore and discover details the longer they hold them for.  The contrast between a matt and glossy glaze might encourage you to explore the surface, or the form might make you hold a cup in a particular way. The dent in the Everyday range allows the person holding it to get a sense of the softness of the clay just after the shape is thrown on the wheel. I love the thought that the material properties of an object can connect the designer or maker’s experience to that of the person using it.

I work mainly from my studio in North London but also design and model some work to be produced in small factories in Stoke on Trent.  Whether made by me or other skilled crafts people in England, the design ethos is the same, attention to detail, tactility and craftsmanship.

I love a design brief and a ‘ceramic challenge’ and have worked with some of the most respected shops and restaurants around the world.

Clients include The Conran Shop, Liberty, Hakkasan, Yauatcha and Ling Ling restaurants, Sketch, The Store x Soho House Berlin, The Design Museum shop, Maud and Mabel, The Harley Gallery and Sally Bourne Interiors.

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