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Everyday Range

The Everyday range is hand thrown in Emma’s studio using a fine stoneware clay and is finished with beautiful, tactile satin matt glazes. Each piece is dented while the clay is still soft giving a sensual aesthetic and a form that is ergonomic to use.  The wide handle of the large mug is particularly popular as you can get a good hug around a warm drink.  The cup handles are strategically positioned in relation to the soft thumbprint to add extra comfort to the way you drink.  The form of the pieces tell of the plastic state of the clay just after its been thrown on the wheel whilst connecting your hands to the hands of the maker.

The Everyday range includes teapot, jugs and mugs, espresso cups and plates.  If you are interested in the Everyday teapot or plates please do contact us as these are only made to order.

Emma Lacey - Everyday - Porcelain Handthrown
Emma Lacey - Everyday - And Plum
Emma Lacey - Everyday - Range
Emma Lacey - Everyday - Large Mugs in Greys
Emma Lacey - Everyday - Clay