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The Everyday range began as a sculptural investigation. An attempt to capture the sensuality of the human form whilst exploiting the fluid shapes and tactile surfaces which are possible in clay. Made on a hand-held scale it quickly became clear that the pieces needed to be held and experienced through touch. By designing in function, there is an invitation for you to experience the pieces in an intimate way. To hold and to drink from them. To take a moment to explore the form and perhaps consider how it is made or how you most like to hold it.

Emma-Lacey-Everyday Mugs in Coral and Ivy

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Everyday is hand thrown in Emma’s studio using a fine stoneware clay and is finished with a beautiful, tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and a practical glossy glaze inside. Each piece is dented while the clay is still soft giving a sensual aesthetic and a form that is comfortable to use. The wide handle of the large mug is particularly popular as you can get a good hug around a warm drink. High fired and durable, we recommend cleaning them in the dishwasher to keep tea-stains at bay.

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