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London Craft Week 2019

Tactility: An Exhibition by Emma Lacey Ceramics and Jack Trench Bespoke Kitchens for London Craft Week | May 2019

Emma Lacey and Jack Trench consider the importance of tactility in their work and how the intersection between fine craftsmanship and thoughtful design forms the common ground in their respective disciplines. This dual story is told through the evolution of Emma Lacey's Everyday tablware range and the development of the JT Classic bespoke kitchen design by Jack Trench.

About Jack Trench

Jack Trench creates handmade contemporary kitchens, driven by an unwavering commitment to exceptional design, meticulous detailing and superb craftsmanship. From their workshop and studio in London, a team of designers, cabinetmakers and site installers work to deliver bespoke kitchens of the very highest quality.

About Emma Lacey

Emma Lacey designs and makes ceramic tableware from her studio in North London. Much of her work is currently hand-thrown using a fine stoneware clay and then assembled, manipulated or finished to fully express the tactility and function of each piece. Her most recent project has taken the design features of her bestselling Everyday mug into high-end factory production.

Jack Trench Showroom
5a Rosebery Avenue
London | EC1R 4SP

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